Department of Financial law and Jurisprudence

Svetlana Zhura.jpg

Head of Department: 

Svetlana Zhura, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor

Main aims of the Department:

  • to train qualified economists with deep theoretical and practical knowledges;
  • to develop new educational technologies; to participatе in the development of computer training programmes and computer network courses;
  • to improve the quality of methodical maintenance of educational process, to participate in the development of vocational training programmes and work programmes in the development of the Department;
  • to implement the quality management system (QMS) of the educational process.


The Department trains students on the basis of the Federal State educational standards (Bachelor and Master levels) in the following disciplines:

  • Disciplines of general education: statistics, bookkeeping, accounting, analysis and audit, demography;

  • Special disciplines: analysis of the financial reporting, audit, accounting (financial) reporting, financial accounting, managerial accounting, accounting, internal audit standards, complex economic analysis of economic activities, control and inspection, laboratory workshop on accounting, fiscal accounting and reporting, fundamentals of auditing, international auditing standards and financial reporting, accounting theory, theory of economic analysis, economic analysis;

  • Specializations: accounting for small business, internal audit, computer information systems in audit, court accounting expertise, tax audit, analysis and optimization of tax base.

Updated 26.03.2019