Specialties and directions

Specialties and directions:

Our institute offers different educational programs:

  • 030501.65 Law,
  • 050301.65 Russian language and literature,
  • 050303.65 Foreign Language with additional specialty,
  • 050703.65 Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology,
  • 050706.65 Pedagogy and Psychology,
  • 050717.65 Special preschool pedagogy and psychology,
  • 080507.65 Organization Management.

Bachelor programs:

  • 030900.62 «Law»,
  • 080200.62 «Management» (profile "Human Resource Management"),
  • 050100.62 «Teacher Education" (profiles "Russian language", "Literature", "Foreign language (English)", "Foreign Language (German)", "Preschool Education"),
  • 050400.62 «Psychological and Pedagogical Education" (profiles "Educational Psychology," "Psychology and Pedagogy of Inclusive Education", "Psychology and Pedagogy of additional education),
  • 050700.62 «Pedagogy" (profiles "Technology of Specialist's pre-school education", "Practical Psychology in Education", "Psychological support of education of persons with special needs"),
  • 230700.62 «Applied Informatics" (profile "Applied Informatics in social sphere");

Magistracy program:

  • 050400.68 «Psychological and Pedagogical Education" (Magistracy Program "Educational Psychology").
It is planned to implement some new bachelor and magistracy programs in 2013-2014:
  • 050700.68 «Special speech correction" (Magistracy program "Comprehensive support for young children with developmental disorders").
  • 050100.68 «Teacher Education" (master's program "Education Management", "Linguistic education").

The Institute offers full-time and part-time courses.

Students with higher education or secondary professional education of corresponding profile can take a short course on direction 050100.62 “Teacher education” (profile “Foreign language”). Students with higher education can also take a short course on direction 030900.62 “Law”.

Updated 11.05.2013