Research is conducted in seven spheres of science: philology, pedagogy, psychology, biology, philosophy, history and legal science. The main direction of research at the institute is “Human in the system of social interaction and cultural values”.

Our institute comprises “Severodvinsk Cognitive School”, two research labs (“Laboratory of linguistic marketing” and “Laboratory of psychophysiology”), educational labs and equipped cabinets (“Laboratory of vocational guidance”, “Courtroom”, “The Cabinet of criminology”, “The cabinet of folklore and ethnography”, “The cabinet of psychological training”).

The institute offers postgraduate studies in 4 specialties: “Russian language”, “Russian literature”, “Germanic languages”, “Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics”.

Different events are traditionally held in the institute, such as international conferences (“Problems of conceptualization of reality and simulation of language picture of the world”, “Education Ecology: modern challenges”), all-Russian conferences (“Dialogue of language and cultures”), regional conferences (“Actual problems of theory and practice”), university conferences (“Lomonosov scientific and practical conference of teachers and students”, “Philological readings”, “Spring psycho-educational readings”, “Cultural readings”, “Legal readings”), various scientific and practical conferences.

The results of research made by professors, PhD and undergraduate students are usually implemented in traditional collections of scientific papers “Problems of culture, language and education”, “Res Philologica”, “Philology”. 

Research areas of the Institute of Humanities



Head of Department

Subject matter of the research of the department


Department of Pedagogy

Olga V. Gorbova

Subjects of education process in social cultural context of the Northern region


Department of Psychology and Psychophysiology

Elena V. Komarovskaya

System approach in the research of children, teenagers and young adults’ psychological and psychophysiological development problems in conditions of modern cultural educational environment in the Circumpolar North of Russia (Leaders –Dr.habil. Y.N. Val’kova, PhD (Psychology) T.E. Chernokova)


Department of Literature and Russian Language

Nikolay I. Nikolaev

Literary character in the context of moral strivings of the epoch (Leader – Dr.habil. (Philology) N.I. Nikolaev)

Social cultural aspects of studying linguistic units and texts (Leader – Dr.habil. (Philology) A.G. Loshakov)


Department of General and Germanic Linguistics

Elena Y. Vereshchagina

Linguistic conceptualization of the reality


Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies

Pavel V. Lizunov

A man and the world in Russian culture in 18th -21st centuries (Leader – Dr.habil. (Philosophy) A.I. Esyukov)


Department of Law

Aleksey Z. Rybak

A man in the law coordinates


Department of Economics

Ludmila V. Lapochkina

Improving the organizational economic mechanism to control the Arctic macroregion economic resources (Leader – PhD (Economics) L.V. Lapochkina)

Impact of changes in legislation in the sphere of accounting and taxation on economic processes (Leader – PhD (Economics) T.R. Vysotskaya)

Financial aspects of modern economy development (Leader – PhD (Economics) A.S. Vasil’eva)

Logistic analysis of procurement activities (Leader – PhD (Economics) M.N. Kuznetsova)

Theoretic methodological basis of the management of industrial enterprises development using active systems paradigm (in terms of shipbuilding) (Leader – PhD (Economics) A.A. Novikov)


Department of Management

Irina D. Nefyodova

Efficiency increase of human resources management in organizations of various activity spheres across the European North and the Arctic

Scientific schools:

“Severodvinsk Linguistic Cognitive school” (leader – Dr.habil. (Philology), Professor Tatyana V. Simashko)

Scientific laboratories:

  • “Laboratory of Linguistic Marketing” (leader – Dr.habil. (Philology), Professor Tatyana V. Simashko, PhD (Philology), Associate Professor Irina A. Dyakonova); 
  • “Laboratory of Psychophysiology” (leader – PhD (Biology), Associate Professor Elena V. Komarovskaya

Updated 03.05.2017