International projects

Over the years the Forestry Engineering Institute collaborated with different Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Germany), with France and Germany.

Today the Institute is involved in several international scientific and practical projects.

Since 2000 from 2 to 5 students participate annually in permanent exchange program between FEI and HINT (University College of North Trøndelag, Norway). Another project “BART” (Public-private partnership in tourism in the Barents Region) is implemented within the EU program Kolarctic ENPI CBC. Experts and students of the Forestry Engineering Institute participate in this project.

The Joint Finnish-Russian project “NortLAMP” (North Landscape Management Project) aims to create a model of sustainable forest management. Another joint Finnish-Russian project “AgroForest” is aimed at optimizing of usage of non-timber forest resources.

“TEMPUS - IV” is one more international project (France - Ukraine - Russia - Scandinavia - Slovenia) that aims to develop and improve programs for magistracy of forest profile.

The Institute has big plans on internalization of education. In prospect some professors from foreign universities will be invited to give lectures in FEI.

Updated 11.05.2013