Forestry Engineering Institute

The Forestry Engineering Institute was established on June 16, 2010 on the basis of three departments of the Arkhangelsk State Technical University: departments of forestry, natural resources and mechanical wood technology. It comprises 12 departments:

  • Department of technological processes safety;
  • Department of Waterborne Timber Traffic and Hydraulics;
  • Department of Geodesy and Land Cadastre;
  • Department of Graphics;
  • Department of Wood Science and Wood Cooking;
  • Department of Forest Assessment and Management;
  • Department of Forestry Crops and Landscape Construction;
  • Department of Forest Management and Soil Science;
  • Department of Sawing and Joiner Blade Industry;
  • Department of Furniture and Design;
  • Department of Industrial Transport;
  • Department of Timber Production Technology;
  • Department of Ecology and Forest Protection.

The institute trains high-quality specialists in different directions.

Updated 07.11.2013