1. Specialization 08.02.05. Construction and operation of roads and airfields.

Graduates of this profession have skills in the construction, maintenance and repair of roads and airfields; work with standard design and technological documentation; conduct field surveying and geological surveys, as well as draw up documentation for surveys of roads and airfields, perform center work.

2. Specialization 13.02.11. Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment (by industry)

Graduates of this specialization perform works related to the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment for any purpose, all types and sizes; regulation and testing of equipment and electrical devices, repair of amplifiers, light and sound alarm devices, maintenance of power and lighting electrical installations with complex circuits; maintenance and repair of household appliances. They learn to organize the activities of the production unit. In the process of training, students receive skills of installation of electrical equipment and wiring, receive the rank of electrician for repair of electrical equipment.

3. Specialization 23.02.04. Technical operation of lifting and transport, construction, road machinery and equipment

The activity of graduates is aimed at technical operation and adjustment of transport and technological machines and equipment. Within the framework of the module "Technical operation of machines and mechanisms of the timber industry complex", students acquire professional skills in the organization and technology of work on wood harvesting using felling and cutting machines and mechanisms of the timber industry complex and its repair.

4. Specialization 23.02.03. Maintenance and repair of road transport

Graduates of this specialization are engaged in maintenance and repair of rolling stock of road transport, planning and organization of work of structural units of transport organizations; develop technical documentation for the operation of cars.

5. Specialization 35.02.01. Forestry and forest park management

Graduates of this specialization acquire skills and professional experience in forest reproduction and afforestation, forest protection, allocation of forest areas, taxation, timber and non-wood products, recreational activities and forest management.

In the process of training, students master two working professions: "green economy worker" acquiring knowledge and skills in the design and design of forest and suburban areas, "wood and birch bark Carver" complementing the flavor of the Northern craft.

Students take part in the annual all-Russian contest "Forest all-around" at the leading sites of the forest cluster, organized by the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation. The work is carried out with students in the direction of "Landscape design" within the Junior Skills program.

6. Specialization 35.02.02. Logging technology

Students of this specialization study modern technologies and organization of logging production, rules of acceptance of the cutting fund, development of cutting areas, the general structure and principle of operation of machines, mechanisms, equipment of logging production, technology of construction of logging roads. The design and operation of modern logging machines - harvesters and forwarders are studied more deeply.

7. Specialization 09.02.06. Network and system administration

Graduates are engaged in the organization of network administration, perform work on the design and operation of network infrastructure, manage network services and engaged in their modernization.

8. Specialization 09.02.07. Information systems and programming.

Graduates develop software modules for computer systems, design and develop information systems, as well as administration and protection of databases.

Training in the following professions is conducted in the College within the framework of basic educational programs and additional professional education:

  • The driver of the logging machine (harvester operator)

  • The driver of a skidding machine operator (forwarder)

  • Tractor driver (category D)

  • Controller of timber production and timber melt

  • Safety rules for working with a petrol engine tool

  • The mechanic on repair of logging equipment

  • Mechanic on repair of road-building machines and tractors

  • Welder

  • Developer of web and multimedia applications

  • Wood and birch bark carver

  • Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

  • Sharpener of woodworking tools

  • Machine operator of woodworking machines.

  • Car repair mechanic

Currently, the College project activities are organized. Within its framework, students of technical specialties are engaged in the development and creation of vehicles designed to work in the Arctic. On the basis of the College such units are created as a motor-driver with a suspension in the form of elastic elements unified set of replaceable modules on the motorcycle base (snow bike). Every year these objects are presented at various exhibitions and festivals of technical creativity. Currently, the all-terrain vehicle is planned to be designed. It will differ in the improved running and heating system. This will allow to operate it under any weather conditions.

Updated 06.06.2018