Technological College of Emperor Peter I

The forestry engineering college is one of the oldest educational institutions in the north of Russia

It was officially established on September 25 (October 7), 1893. The first director of the institution was Pavel Korsunskij, State Councilor, nobleman, technologist and engineer. Twenty six boys of different estates began their studies and after three years became specialists in forestry engineering.

The social structure of pupils was quite specific:

  • 9 students from nobles and clerks;
  • 1 student from clergy;
  • 10 students from urban class;
  • 6 students from rural estates.

As you see, the nobility, bureaucracy and the urban elite had advantage of admission to the college. Children of workers and peasants had restricted access to this institution. Before lunch the students studied in classes, after lunch they worked in well-equipped workshops for 3-4 hours to acquire practical skills. Annual tests (exams) were held once a year, in summer. After the first year of education 6 students from 26 did not pass the exams and were assigned on re-training course.

Over the years the College has trained more than 26,000 professionals with secondary specialized education. For a long time it had been one of the largest educational institutions in the Arkhangelsk region and the North-West of Russia. Nowadays more than 1300 students take full-time or part-time courses in the college. The college participated in the contest “100 Best Russian technical colleges” in 2006 and won a gold medal “European Quality”, and the director Vasiliy Galvas was named “Director of the Year 2006”.

The status of our institution changed several times over the years:

  • Until 1917 it was a school.
  • Since 1917 up to 1920 it was a polytechnic.
  • Since 1920 up to 1923 it was a first practical electro-chemical and mechanical institute named after M.V. Lomonosov, the first one in the north.
  • Since 1923 up to 1992 it was a technical school. Since 1951 the Arkhangelsk Forestry Engineering College was the only secondary educational institution in the North that trained professionals for the logging industry.
  • In May 2011 the Forestry Engineering College became a structural unit of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

A lot of famous people graduated from our college. A.N. Ramenskiy, whose name is associated with the spread of wired radio in the region, completed his education here in 1914. Professor I.P. Levanidov, a scientist with worldwide reputation, graduated from the college in 1928. Seraphim Brekhovskikh completed his education in the college in 1930 (later he headed the laboratory, where the glass for Kremlin stars was manufactured). V.V. Lichutin, a writer, graduated from the college in 1961.

Today, the college is:

  • about 1,300 students;
  • 8 specialties that are in demand in the labor market;
  • 60 classrooms, 18 modern laboratories and two workshops;
  • Continuing professional education.
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Updated 07.06.2018