NArFU Higher Schools, Colleges and Branches

M.V. Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU), an innovative institution designed to serve the needs of Russia’s system of research and training services, was established in pursuance of Decree of the Russian President 1172 “On Establishing Federal Universities in North-West, Volga, Ural and Far Eastern Federal Districts” dd. 21 October 2009; RF Government Executive Order 502-р dd. 2 April 2010; and RF Ministry of Education and Research Order 434 dd. 26 April 2010.

Strategically, NArFU is defined as an internationally-recognized competency centre for fostering the knowledge-based development in the Arctic Zone.

NArFU: figures and facts

Over the last six academic years, NArFU has conferred degrees on more than 27000 graduates. Almost 2600 students graduated with honours.

Structurally, NArFU consists of:

3 campuses based in Severodvinsk, Koryazhma, and Naryan-Mar; and 7 higher schools

NArFU currently offers 356 degree programs covering the basic majors. These include 218 bachelor’s, 76 master’s and 62 specialist degree programs. Training services follow the standards of combined portfolios (37) within 8 areas of knowledge.




Updated 27.01.2022