Alexander Shorikov

Alexander Shorikov,

leader of the expedition

Year of birth


Tourism titles

  • Senior trainer of sport tourism
  • Member of the Central Route Board of the Russian Sport Tourism Association for Ski Tourism
  • Merited traveler of the Russian Federation
  • Master of Sport in Sport Tourism
  • Repeated Sport Tourism Champion of the Russain Federation

Tourist experience

  • Ski Expedition (Republic Tuva), 1994, participation
  • Ski Expedition (Altai) , 1995, participation
  • Ski Expedition (Kodar),1997, participation
  • Ski Expedition (Altai),2005, leader of the expedition
  • Ski Expedition (Kodar), 2006, leader of the expedition
  • Ski Expedition (Muiskiy Range), 2007, leader of the expedition
  • Ski Expedition to the Cherskiy Range, 2009, leader of the expedition

Ascend experience

Beluha mountain, 4506 m, Altai;
Iktu mountain, 3942 m, Altai;
Top BAM, 3072 m, Kodar;
Top Kart, 2609 m, Muiskiy Range;
Pobeda mountain, 3147 m, Cherskiy Range,
Ushba mountain, 4694 m, Caucasus

Updated 03.07.2014