Not only do students of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University acquire knowledge, but they also join the values and traditions of the university. NArFU’s energy and spirit find reflection in its hymn. Everything from hymn to logo serves one broad idea – to enrich the university knowledge-wise and to foster the development of the Arctic region.

With many traditions inherited from the institutes that are now part of NArFU, the continuity of traditions is preserved. One of these traditions, originated back in 2000, is having people who contribute to the university’s development to plant trees on Walk of Glory.

On the Knowledge Day 2010, to mark the first enrollment of NArFU students the first star was laid on the Square of Glory by the monument to Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov.

Freshmen and guests start their tour of the university in the lobby of the main building, at the sculpture of M.V. Lomonosov and the photograph nearby. They say, spending a minute sitting on the bench by the sculpture endows one with enlightenment and inspiration for new exploits.

Among other important events is Northern (Arctic) Federal University’s birthday – June 8. The occasion is widely celebrated and is time for the management to sum up the university’s performance and share its vision of the future.

In 2012, NArFU initiated the celebration of the Arctic’s Day (on the last day of winter, February 29) and is going to make it international next year.

It has become a good tradition for the university to offer public lectures delivered by famous people and competent experts. The university was visited by the author of the Barents Region conception Thorvald Stoltenberg, ex-minister of finance Alexey Kudrin, professor Charles Cockell from the Open University (Great Britain), academician Zhores Alferov and many others.

One of the most interesting and happy traditions is student inaugural ceremony and each of NArFU’s institutes has its own way to mark the occasion. That this day brings unexpected surprises is for sure!

The university is also establishing a tradition of holding its graduates’ meetings. Maintaining contact with successful graduates will serve as a good impetus for educating NArFU students and may provide job opportunities.

Calendar of key traditions in NArFU

  1. June 8 – NArFU’s birthday
  2. September 1 – Knowledge Day (laying of the first star on the Square of Glory)
  3. September – Tree planting in Walk of Glory
  4. September –Arctic Cinema film festival
  5. November 19 – M.V. Lomonosov’s birthday
  6. November – Lomonosov Readings
  7. January 25 – Students’ Day
  8. Early February – Health Day (NArFU: Territory of Health)
  9. February 28 (29) – Arctic’s Day


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Updated 25.12.2012