Presidential Programme for Training 

Since 1998, Arkhangelsk has been implementing the National Plan for Training Managers and Executives for Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation, a document often referred to in Russia and Abroad as ‘Presidential Programme for Training Managers’. NArFU has joined the programmes’ implementation team immediately after its formation.

The Presidential Programme’s strategic goal consists in creating the federal reserve of highly qualified and competent managers, as well as in formation of management capacity building in order to ensure the development of Russian enterprises dealing in all sectors of economy.

The attendees of Presidential Programme’s 550-hour “Management in Business” course gain knowledge of management, marketing, economy and personnel management. The programme allocates 180 hours to practice foreign language, the knowledge of which is necessary for on-site training on a foreign company. The attendees do not have to discontinue their work completely, as training is module-based and thus enables attendees to combine their work and studies.

Young managers under 40, with higher education and at least 3-year experience in management, have the opportunity to obtain modern education in business and to undertake an internship abroad with partial financial support from federal and regional budgets. Over the past 15 years, training was taken by 830 specialists in Arkhangelsk. 164 graduates completed their internship in the countries of EU, Germany, Norway, Canada and Japan.

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Updated 21.09.2012