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Exploration of the Arctic requires consolidating efforts of scientists, businessmen, state and private companies around the world. As a result of NArFU’s close cooperation with international and Russian partners, not only are the students and graduates getting a maximum of knowledge, but they’re also enjoying the opportunity to build a career in major companies in Russia and abroad.

Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V Lomonosov is maintaining partnership relations with many large-scale enterprises in Arkhangelsk Region, as well as with the leading companies dealing in a variety of activities outside the region and the country. Our partners actively participate in NArFU Supervisory Board, initiating joint innovative programs and research projects and seeking consultations from the teachers, who are expert theoreticians and practitioners in technical and humanitarian subjects. Our graduates major in various specialties and have international work experience. Many of them are now efficient employees of NArFU’s partner companies.

Undoubtedly, modern education and serious scientific researches require daily collaboration between universities and research centers, not only within one country but all over the world. The XXIst-century scientific and educational dimension is gaining the international global scale. NArFU is presently partnering dozens of universities all over the world. The Arctic vector of its development defines its close relationship with the universities in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada and the USA. However, the range of contacts is not limited to the northern area. NArFU is cooperating with the leading universities in the UK, Germany, Poland, China, Korea and other countries and among them is the University de Haute Alsace (France), Kiel University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Emden University of Applied Sciences (Germany). During many years, Barents Euro-Arctic Region provides the strong support in exploration of the Arctic to Arkhangelsk universities. It’s no coincidence that Norwegian Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Thorvald Stoltenberg – the author of the idea of the international Barents cooperation – was the first to have been awarded in February 2011 with Honorary Doctor of NArFU degree. Northern (Arctic) Federal University continuously collaborates with the University of Nordland, Narvik College, University of Lapland, University of Oslo, Jönköping International Business School. This partnership provides ambitious employees with the chance to explore many international research projects.

NArFU’s bilateral relations with enterprises and business structures foster not only the career progress of our students, but also the systematic development of the university and the entire Euro-Arctic Region. Our partners are international companies such as Statoil, Halliburton, Carl Zeiss, Shimadzu, National Instruments, CIMO, Mettler Toledo, Barents Secretariat and many others. The history of cooperation between Statoil and NArFU is certainly a success story. Joint competitions and research projects reveal promising ‘Lomonosovs’ – talented students, PhD and master’s degree students. The education process is integrating business community that is now involved in all its stages from planning to graduate job placement.

Among the Russian business partners are such well-known corporations and companies as JSC Production Association Sevmash, Ship Repair Center Zvezdochka, Rosneft Oil Company and Stockman. Many of the university graduates are practically oriented and are aware or the nuances of production process. Many know the mechanisms of organization of cooperation with foreign partners.

NArFU is committed to work with recognized professionals, to jointly solve the current challenges and, what is more, to innovate. What unites NArFU and its partners are the principles of conscientious cooperation, commonly shared approach and ethical behavior. Our partners are reliable professionals. Their knowledge and experience allow us to move in one direction for technologically expert development of Arctic resources.



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Updated 07.08.2012