Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library

In September 2011, NArFU opened a digital reading hall with access to Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. In addition to the traditional reading hall, the digital one has 16 computers to access Presidential Library’s resources and a monitor to host teleconferences. The library workstations are unique in the sense that they provide users with simultaneous access to the Presidential Library, university’s local network and catalogues, and subscription materials including theses and dissertations. 

This reading hall is a miniature model of the future research library — the heart and soul of NArFU. With completion of its new building NArFU will be able to offer readers comfortable conditions, expand and make more accessible its library reserves, increase the number of library workstations, open rooms for groups of students and for academic staff, as well as the 'museum rooms', or studies of the regional ethnographers where one could make use of their libraries or sit at their tables or work at their computers. There will be more opportunities to hold evenings with creative minds, meetings and conferences.

The new building is designed to house multimedia reading rooms, a conference hall, the Presidential Library’s regional center, studios for broadcasting and recording lectures by leading scientists and supporting videoconferences, student lounges for socializing and preparation for their classes, mini auditoria for group activities and those who prefer working on their own, music lounge, theatre school, student clubs (including the Club of Funny and Smart-Witted), children’s library room, etc. 



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Updated 14.09.2012