Author of the anthem 

Aleksey Karpov

Aleksey Karpov is a graduate of Gymnasia of General Education No.6 and Faculty of Law at former Arkhangelsk State Technical University (ASTU). As Aleksey has been longing for music and singing since childhood, he knew exactly that his realm of self-realization had to be shifted to cultural institutions.

A former director of Arkhangelsk State Chamber Orchestra, during the 12 years after graduation he hasn't lost his well established ties with NArFU. Now Aleksey Karpov is the creative director at NArFU's Creative Center.

'I wrote the lyrics overnight,' says Aleksey. 'I once had a library research assignment to study the history of the Russian national anthem. That helped a lot. I already knew what anthems they used to sing in Russia and knew what sort of anthems they used to sing in universities. I tried to keep within their format. There are different styles of anthems – songlike and poplike. But I think my mission was


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Updated 10.05.2012