About the anthem

The NArFU anthem is a result of a competitive selection held in 2010. Among requirements to its lyrics was rendition of the 'Arctic vector' of the University and linking in with innovation, science and the image of M.V. Lomonosov, whose name is added to the name of University. The competition, which was announced on the web page, was participated by 14 applicants who included well-known figures in Arkhangelsk cultural life. But it was only he name of the author of the best lyrics that was publicly announced. The winner was Aleksey Karpov, the then AGTU undergraduate. The premiere of the NArFU anthem took place in Moscow State University, just before the New Year holidays in 2011 and was performed by well-known State Academic Northern Russian Folk Choir.

The choir and the orchestra of State Academic Northern Russian Folk Choir are performing the anthem in distinctively northern style. The chasteness and the self-containment of rendition are interwoven with resolute volition – a wonderful combination that leaves no one indifferent. The anthem is performed in four parts: two sopranos and two altos. The sounds of folk orchestral instruments render the sincere cordiality and warmth so typical of northern musical traditions.



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Updated 10.05.2012