Summer School "Modern Analytical Methods in Ecology"

Welcome to the Summer school 
"Modern analytical methods in Ecology"

Due to the spread of COVID-19 virus we have decided to postpone this Summer School until next year.

It will take place in the period from 20.06.2021 to 27.06.2021.

Stay safe! Thank you for your understanding!

Dear colleagues,

NArFU and Association of Chemistry and the Environment (ACE) together expressed a strong intention to come together and organize a Summer school related to chemical instrumentation as a tool for identification of different organic pollutants in the environment. ACE has personnel with experience in the organization of international events and on the other hand, NArFU is willing to share with students their instrumental park, as well as knowledge and experience in instrumentation. 

This Summer school will be held at the Core Facility Center "Arktika", which is known as the most powerful analytical laboratory in the Russian Federation, using its unique instrumentation base. During school a number of analytic instruments will be used, such as different type’s mass spectrometers, X-ray instruments, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, ICP emission spectrometer, Liquid and Gas Chromatography systems.

GC_HRT.jpg SFE-5000.jpg TripleTOF 5600+.png

The Organizing Committee is looking forward to welcoming you to Arkhangelsk, Russia in the period from 21.06.2020 to 28.06.2020.

Organizing committee

The European Association of Chemistry and the Environment

ace.jpg The European Association of Chemistry and the Environment  (ACE) is a European non-profit scientific organization that connects scientists from various fields such as chemistry, biology, geology, earth science, water and atmosphere, toxicology and stimulates and supports the link between scientists and representatives of politics and society at both governmental and regulatory levels, in particular with the aim of promoting science and supporting education in areas related to environmental chemistry. Each year, ACE together with local organizers in different countries organizes EMEC (The European Meeting on Environmental chemistry) conference where  scientific achievements of participants are presented in the form of invited lectures, in a series of short, 15 minute lectures and posters within sections related to content from the field of pollutants in water, air and soil, toxicity assessment, the development of new analytical methods for identifying environmental pollutants, cleaning methods water, waste management and green chemistry.

The association also supports young promising doctoral students every year in promoting their research results and grants them scholarships for participation in the EMEC conference. Members of the association also participate in the organization and implementation of various summer schools.

Northern (Arctic) Federal University

ContrAA-700.jpgNorthern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) was established in June 2010 by merging a number of leading Arkhangelsk higher educational institutions. It includes 7 higher schools, 2 institutes, 3 colleges and 3 branches providing educational services to over 17,000 students. Staff consists of over 1160 lecturers. NArFU has more than 70 agreements of international cooperation with partner universities.

One of the major NArFU research focuses is the Arctic development. Core areas of NArFU academic focus are high technologies and knowledge-intensive sectors, infrastructure development and Northern Sea Route, natural resources management, environmental protection, health and well-being, social sphere and human resources in the High North.

B45PPD1ak_w.jpgAs a federal university NArFU develops a system of higher professional education that will optimize regional educational structures and strengthen links between educational institutions and economic and social spheres in the North-West of Russia.