While abroad

Dear Students! Here are some useful tips for your successful studies abroad:

  1. Moving into your accommodation, check the conditions of a tenancy contract and your housing.

  2. Be aware of the migration laws of accepting country.

  3. Visit the orientation meeting held at the beginning of your semester.

  4. Check the list of courses chosen at accepting university. In case any changes took place upon arrival, you should inform your coordinators at NArFU and accepting university. Get the schedule of classes.

  5. Remember, that the university tuition systems in Russia and abroad differ, and you will work with the bigger amount of information on your own.

  6. Check your account at Online class systems (e.g. Fronter in Norway), and track all updates regarding your courses and exams.

  7. Feel free to interact with the lecturers regarding your studies. Ask them for an advice, if you need it.

  8. Remember that you should do all given tasks in time.

  9. In case any problems regarding your studies take place, please inform the NArFU coordinators.

  10. Remember, that during your studies abroad you represent your country and university! Please, treat your home and accepting universities, and other people with respect.

Semester courses for exchange students 15 ECTS