Laboratory Research of Rocks Using Core Samples in Formation Conditions

общий обзор

Higher School of Power Engineering, Oil and Gas

Master’s Degree

27.04.01 Standartisation and Metrology

Duration: 1 month

Semester: Autumn / Spring

Languages: Russian / English

Краткое описание

Programme Description:

Main topics:

  • Calculation of rocks’ permeability (using core samples) in formation-simulated conditions;
  • Calculation of displacement factor (using core samples) in formation-simulated conditions;
  • Testing of oil recovery increase technologies (using core samples) in formation-simulated conditions.
Научно-техническая инфраструктура:

Material Base:

  • ITC Arctic Laboratory Research of Oil and Gas, Laboratory of Petrophysical Core Research
Требования к кандидатам


  • Degree in Oil and Gas Studies (Bachelor’s or Master’s);
  • Knowledge of Russian is preferable.
Научный руководитель

Scientific Coordinator:

G.M. Tarasova, head of ITC Arctic Laboratory Research of Oil and Gas.

A.V. Yuriev, Assistant, Department of Oil and Gas Wells Drilling

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