Cultural Dimension of the Arctic

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Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication

Master’s Degree

51.04.01 Cultural Studies

Duration: 1 months / 1 semester

Semester: Autumn / Spring

Languages: English

Краткое описание

Programme Description:

Internship is based on the model of “scapes”. The Arctic is presented as a space of cultural dimensions (“scapes”) that interact with each other continuously:

  • Ideo- and Culture-scape;
  • Mediascape;
  • Technoscape;
  • Ethnoscape;
  • Socio- and economic scape.

The culture of the Arctic territories is explored through the prism of their informational, socio-economic and technological development of these territories.

Internship gives an opportunity to work with various cultural objects and texts. A wide range of research seminars develops skills of individual and joint research work, as well as provides valuable experience in project activities and advisory work in the field of culture.

Научно-техническая инфраструктура:

Material Base:

  • NArFU offers a wide range of educational facilities including Laboratory of Applies Cultural Studies.

Требования к кандидатам


  • Specialists of all spheres whose professional career is directed towards research of the Arctic.

Научный руководитель

Scientific Coordinator:

N.M. Terebikhin, Sc.D. in History, Professor

Department of International Cooperation
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