Travel and Tourism Management

1,5 years, three semesters (60 ECTS)

Russia and Kemi Tornio University of Applied Sciences (Finland) Northern Arctic Federal State University Harstad University College (Norway)


The target group of this programme of study is international students with a good command of English. This is a joint online tourism programme based on a cooperation between the following three partners: Harstad University College (Norway), Northern Arctic Federal State University, Russia and Kemi Tornio University of Applied Sciences (Finland). Each of the three partners is responsible for teaching 15 ECTS each, and all teaching is net-based. The programme offers an introduction to travel and tourism management, the phenomena of tourism and the tourism business. Heritage, cultural tourism and eco-tourism are other important topics of interest for the tourism industry in vulnerable areas. Tourism is also concerns how to run the business in a sustainable way, and topics such as business administration, strategic planning and service marketing are included in the programme. It is given as a part time study programme over three semesters.

Learning outcomes

The aim of the programme is to provide the students with an understanding of how the travel and tourism industry works, and to acquire knowledge of important topics for the industry today and in the future in order to develop a sustainable travel and tourism industry for the environment, the local communities and the economy.

Target groups

The programme targets students who are studying or who wish to study travel and tourism, as well as people who are already working within this field. The programme is also suitable for students who want to complete their bachelor’s degree with 60 ECTS in an international programme. This is a part time programme of study yielding 60 ECTS over a period of one and a half years and, as such, is suitable both for students working in the industry or completing at other programmes of study.

Admission requirements

Norway: Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway

Finland: Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Finland

Russia: Normal for university studies at the bachelor level plus good command in English, as all lectures and students work are in English. A min. of 60 ECTS recommended prior to admission.


Four modules:

  • Travel and tourism (15 ECTS)
  • Heritage tourism (15 ECTS)
  • Business administration in tourism (15 ECTS)
  • Project work (15 ECTS).

The programme totals 60 ECTS and is accepted as a three-semester unit of a Bachelor degree, combined with two year program of your own choice (the combination of courses has to be accepted by the university).

4 year

Studies at NArFU Bachelor programme “Management” according to the individual study plan: “Travel and Tourism Management” courses as electives

3 year

2 year

Studies at NArFU Bachelor programme “Management”

1 year

Qualification and Records

TTM graduates will be awarded transcript of records and one common certificate jointly issued by all three institutions.

The students of NArFU will be awarded a diploma of Bachelor’s program “Management” (Management in the sphere of international tourism).

Application Deadline

  • Norway: 17 December
  • Finland: 17 December
  • Russia: 17 December

Starting date: 4 February 2013

Available at:

Contact at NArFU Contact at HIH Contact at Kemi Tornio

Lyudmila Siluanova Øystein Normann Esa Jauhola

Deputy Director of Int. Coop. Associate Professor Associate Professor

NArFU Institute of Economics Dept of Business Adm. Dept of Business Adm

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