Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies


The Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies is a bachelor programme (180 ECTS) offered jointly by the Nord University as a principal partner who offers core obligatory courses being a main destination of academic mobility of BCS NArFU’s students and the Northern (Arctic) Federal University.

Northern (Arctic) Federal University is located in the North and its mission is forming and development of competitive staff resource in the Northern-Western Federal District of the Russian Federation. BCS has strong northern focus and provides students at NArFU with important knowledge about Arctic nature, resources, environment, politics, peoples and cultures, offering some real examples from the Russian lands and in the comparative manner. The programme is based on interdisciplinary approach so the students of all NArFU Higher schools may take part in it.

The BCS programme gives you the opportunity to learn about the lands, peoples, and issues of the Circumpolar North and prepares you for advanced study or professional employment in fields as diverse as sustainable resource management, self-government, Arctic engineering, and northern tourism. Special emphasis is given to matters concerning Indigenous people of the Circumpolar North.

Students of the programme have a unique opportunity to finish part of their BCS studies abroad.


The programme consists of four core courses, which are offered online each year:

The major in circumpolar studies consists of 4 introductory courses (60 ECTS) and 3 specialized courses (30 ECTS). The following main courses are all available on-line:

  • BCS105X An Introduction to the Humanities and to the Circumpolar World (15 ECTS)
  • BCS115X Land and Environment of the Circumpolar World I and II (15 ECTS)
  • BCS125X Peoples and Cultures of the Circumpolar World I and II (15 ECTS)
  • BCS135X Contemporary Issues of the Circumpolar World I and II (15 ECTS)

The specialized courses at the Nord University are:

  • SA210S Scandinavian Politics (10 ECTS)
  • SA212S Northern Scandinavian Societies (10 ECTS)
  • SA218S History, Politics and Northern resources (10 ECTS)

These are available to take on-line or on campus.

For further information concerning courses visit the home page of  the Nord University


The programme provides a solid academic background for work in the public and private sectors where knowledge and understanding of the High North is an advantage. The programme is also well suited to teaching professionals who wish to broaden their academic foundation.

The programme provides a foundation for application to various master degree programmes, including the Master of Social Science at the Nord University.

Upon completion of the programme students receive the «Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies» diploma and the University of the Arctic certificate.

Contact information

Local BCS coordinator: Dunaeva Anastasiia


telephone: +7 (8182) 41 28 27
Address: Northern (Arctic) Federal University, 
Department of International cooperation, 
17, Northern Dvina Emb., 
163002 Arkhangelsk