International programs

Over the recent years the Northern (Arctic) Federal University and various European institutions have established collaborative degree initiatives at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in order to advance friendly relations and promote educational cooperation between partner institutions.

Under these jointly developed international degree programs, NArFU accepts a determinate number of international students each year in the areas of Social Sciences, Mathematical and IT sciences, Humanities and others. Students from partner institutions who participate in these joint international programs have to complete most of the studies at their home university and then complete an exchange part (approximately one semester) at one of the partner universities.

NArFU joint international programs have been developed under the auspices of UArctic, Barents Cross Border University (BCBU) collaborative platforms as well as by creating bilateral and multilateral agreements with universities in Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. Much more international programs are going to be set up as a ripple effect of university internationalization and transition towards Bologna framework.

Studying and living in the city of Arkhangelsk to complete an academic training is a wonderful opportunity for international students. It brings many benefits, such as developing independence, increasing cultural awareness, while benefiting educationally by taking classes in a new and stimulating academic environment.

A list of international programs with joint or integrated participation of NArFU can be seen below: