Theoretical Phonetics of English

Course code: Б3.В.5

Type of course: Compulsory

Level of course: Advanced

Year of study: I

Semester/trimester: spring

Number of credits: 2

Lecturer: Irina Kuzmicheva, PhD (Linguistics) ; e-mail:

Objectives of the course: The course is designed to systematize the basic principles of phonetics as a linguistic science; to acquaint the students with the most significant issues of both general and English phonetics.

Prerequisites: Practical Phonetics; Introduction into Linguistics

Course Content: Phoneme theory: phonological schools (Prague phonological school, American structuralism, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg phonological schools, English phonetic school). The segmental and suprasegmental structure of the English language (the system of consonant and vowel phonemes, word stress, intonation, syllabic structure of English words, etc.).

Recommended readings:

  1. Crystal D. Dictionaty of Linguistics and Phonetics. Oxford, 1985
  2. Vasilyev V.A. English Phonetics. A theoretical course. Moscow, 1970.
  3. Kingdon R. English Intonation Practice. London, 1972.
  4. O'Connor. Phonetics. London, 1973.