Theoretical Grammar of English

Course code – Б3.В.4

Type of course – Compulsory

Level of course – Advanced

Year of study – III

Semester/trimester – spring

Number of credits – 6

Name of lecturer – Svetlana Strelkova, e-mail:

Objectives of the course

The course will familiarize students with the grammatical structure of English, peculiarities of grammatical units in different types of discourse. It will introduce students to research tools and grammatical terminology, as well as sharpen students’ analytical skills through problem discovery and problem solving exercises.

  • Prerequisites – practical Grammar of English, English Lexicology, History of English, Introduction to General Linguistics

  • Course contents

Problems of up-to-date grammatical study of English on a systemic basis, sustained by demonstrations of applying modern analytical techniques to various grammatical phenomena of living English speech: Grammar in the Systemic Conception of Language, Morphemic Structure of the Word, Categorial Structure of the Word, Grammatical Classes of Words, Syntagmatic Connections of Words, Sentence, Types of Sentences, Sentence in the Text, Textual Grammar.

Recommended reading

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  7. Lyons J. Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics. Cambridge, 1968.

Teaching methods – lectures, seminars

Assessment methods

Participation in class discussions, written test and final exam.

Language of instruction – English