Statistical methods in quality 
management: module – laboratory practice

Code - Б3.Б10

Type of course unit - compulsory

Level of course unit - second cycle

Year of study -3

Semester - 5

Number of ECTS credits allocated - 2

Name of lecturer – Ms Vlada Kovalenko

Learning outcomes of the course unit – After this course the student should be able to:

Understand and explain the concept of statistical quality control;

Indentify, formulate and solve problem of poor quality products by statistical methods and tools;

Use computer for statistical data manipulation (such software as Excel, Statistica, etc.)

Mode of delivery - face-to-face, distance learning

Prerequisites and co-requisites – preliminary and applicable requirements of Federal National Educational Standard

Recommended optional program components – business game, cases

Course contents:

Distributions of quality indicators by quantitative and qualitative attributes;

Analysis of the accuracy of the process;

The main tools of statistical control;

Characteristics of the various plans for inspection by attributes;

Testing the hypothesis of a distribution function;

Quality improvement tools

Recommended or required reading.

Required reading:

1) Carlberg, Conrad Statistical analysis: Microsoft Excel 2010, 1st ed. – Que, 2011. – 464 p.

2) Montgomery, Douglas C. Introduction to Statistical Quality Control, 6th edition. – NY: John Wiley & Sons, 2009. – 741 p.

3) Zimmerman, Steven M. Statistical quality control using Excel, 2nd edition / Steven M. Zimmerman, Marjorie L. Icenogle. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin: ASQ Quality Press, 2003. – 447 p.

Recommended reading:

1) Hastie, Travor The elements of statistical learning: data mining, inference and prediction, 2nd ed. (Springer series in Statistics) / Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, Jerome Friedman. – Springer, 2009. – 768 p.

2) Izenman, Alan J. Modern multivariate statistical techniques: regression, classification and manifold learning (Springer texts in Statistics), 1st ed. – Springer, 2008. – 760 p.

3) Ott, R. Lyman An introduction to statistical methods and data analysis / R. Lyman Ott, Micheal T. Lonqnecker, 6th ed. – Duxbury Press, 2008. – 1273 p.

4) Bishop, Christopher M. Pattern recognition and machine learning (information science and statistics), 1st ed. – Springer, 2006. – 738 p.

5) Kachiqan Sam Kash Statistical analysis: an interdisciplinary introduction to univariate & multivariate methods. – Radius Press, 1986. – 589 p.

6) Komarov, V.I. Application of statistical methods of control and quality management of technological processes, products and monitoring and services: tutorial / V.I. Komarov, T.M Vladimirova, V.I. Zhabin, V.V. Zalyazhnyh, A.E. Koptelov, S.I. Tretyakov. - Arkhangelsk: ASTU, 2009. – 174 p.

7) Zalyazhnyh, V.V. Statistical methods of control and quality management: tutorial / V.V. Zalyazhnyh, A.E. Koptelov. – Arkhangelsk: ASTU, 2004. – 88 p.

Planned learning activities: laboratory works, workshops, presentations, tests

And teaching methods: work both in groups and without assistance.

Assessment methods: laboratory practice - U/G#, assignment and exam – U (poor), C (satisfactory), B (good), A (excellent)

and criteria: attendance, completeness of tasks fulfillment, sufficiency of theoretical explanation of them

Language of instruction

Work placement(s) – computer class