Soviet and Contemporary Russian 
Texts (i.e.1970 to date)

Description of a course

The course is included into the Bachelor programme in Russian Studies (as a part of the course), and can also be a free choice subject in the bachelor degree study course in the Russian language.

The teaching of the course is divided into two parts:

I: Working through Russian texts of different styles and genres (reading, translating and understanding of Russian texts and completion of homework assignments by students).

II: Analysis and discussing of the texts during practical lessons. This part of the course also includes the analysis of style and genre of Russian texts. Some attention can be paid to the Russian grammar constructions presenting difficulties for better understanding of information. The survey in linguistic (including translation) and terms of Russian texts of a normal standard of difficulty is relating to history, culture, art, politics, national traditions and society.


The main aim of this course is through reading and analyzing of Russian texts to get a deeper knowledge in a variety of fields of a life for the better understanding of a country. The course aims also to widen the vocabulary of Russian, to form the correct speech and to develop the skills of communication. In their later work in Russian subjects, the students will be in a position to work on a self-sufficient basis with, and retrieve, the desired information from many types of sources in modern Russian.

Total: 26 acad. hours.

Work Load

10 credits (ECTS)

Type of the course

Theoretical and practical subject

Language of instruction

1. Russian / English

Examination semester

Autumn, fifth semester

Exam and assessment

One 3 hour university-based written exam at the end of the term, evaluated on a scale of A-E=pass and F=fail.

The date of the written examination

November / December

The exam date is preliminary and may be subject to change. The exact date will be announced in the beginning of November.


Elena Gryaznova, Senior Lecturer of the Preparatory Department for Foreign Students.