Practical English Language Course

Course code – Б3.Б.2

Type of course: Compulsory;

Level of course: Intermediate;

Year of study: I, II;

Semester/trimester: fall, spring;

Number of credits: 55

Name of lecturer: Nadezhda Sherstnyakova, Svetlana Kostyaeva

E-mail address:

Objectives of the course:

The students will be able to:

  • Develop their daily life interrogative and discourse capabilities;
  • Improve their language awareness to understand and use vocabulary common in everyday life;
  • Improve their ability to express ideas clearly and confidently in English;
  • Develop their grammatical accuracy, listening, reading and writing skills;
  • Develop their command of academic language and build confidence to do academic courses in a college or university.

Prerequisites: Pre-Intermediate level of English

Course contents: The Course focuses on practical communication skills with the emphasis on speaking and listening. Reading and writing activities provide students with opportunities to interact with other students. Vocabulary, idioms and grammar are practised in interesting and stimulating ways to achieve fluency.

Teaching methods: Conversationalexercises, students’ presentations, project work and tutoring in connection with practice teaching and independent study.


  • Practical English Language Course I – (part I) – 216 h.
  • Practical English Language Course II – (part I) – 204 h.
  • Practical English Language Course III – (part I) – 144 h.
  • Practical English Language Course IV – (part I) – 180 h.
  • Practical English Language Course V – (part I) – 120 h.

Assessment: Regular attendance and participation in class, completion of practical exercises, written tests and final exam.

Recommended readings:

  1. Virginia Evans, Jerry Dooley Upstream. Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate. Express Publishing, 2002.
  2. Stuart Redman. English Vocabulary in Use. Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. Cambridge University Press, 2000.
  3. Our heritage [Text]: Cultural traditions of the Arkhangelsk North / М.А. Амосова, Э.Э. Глущенко, Л.В. Рипинская, Н.В. Чичерина. - Arkhangelsk : The Pomor Univ.Publ., 1994. - 72 p. : ill.