Offshore Drilling

Course unit title: Offshore Drilling

Course unit code: DC.2

Type of course unit: compulsory

Level of course unit: not specified

Year of study: fourth year

Semester: 7th

Number of ECTS credits: 2,5 ECTS

Mode of delivery: face to face

Prerequisites: learning Onshore Drilling

Recommended optional programme components: natural conditions of development of oil and gas fields

Course contents:

  1. Overview on activities of offshore drilling
  2. Introduction to techniques of offshore drilling
  3. Safety in offshore activities
  4. Drilling bits, drilling fluids, cementing operations
  5. Rig sizing and selection. From shore to offshore
  6. Directional drilling. Deepwater drilling
  7. Wellheads and Christmas trees
  8. Site and meteo-oceanic surveys
  9. Off-On shore shared drilling equipment
  10. Operations with semi-submersible rigs
  11. Operations with drill ships
  12. Drilling hazards
  13. Blowout prevention
  14. Deepwater operation

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, students will:

  • have knowledge about peculiarities in development and exploitation of oil and gas fields, offshore drilling rigs, its types and basic constructions;
  • have competence in questions of implementation and modification within technological processes at every stage of building wells of various purpose and profiles along the well bore onshore and offshore;
  • understand principles towards rational use of natural resources and environmental protection;
  • be able to access risks and define measures for providing security in offshore process flows.

Recommended and required reading:

  1. Bernt S. Aadnoy. Modern Well Design. Rogaland University Center, Stavanger, Norway. 1999. 240 pp.
  2. Bernt S. Aadnoy. Mechanics of Drilling. SHAKER VERLAG. ISBN 3-8322-4861-7. University of Stavanger. 2006. 196 pp.
  3. Compendium “Introduction to Roller Cone and PDC Bits. Smith Bits 2006”. 106 pp.
  4. Compendium “Introduction to Offshore Drilling” University of Stavanger.
  5. «Laboratory Exercises in Oil Well Drilling Fluids 2010»/ English version by Jostens Kolnes” October 6 2009/ University of Stavanger.
  6. Адамянц П.П., Гусейнов Ч.С., Иванец В.К. Проектирование обустройства морских нефтегазовых месторождений – М.: ООО «ЦентрЛитНефтеГаз», 2005. – 496 с.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods: lectures and practicum

Assessment methods and criteria: credit points

Language of instruction: English

Work placement(s): unscheduled

Lecturer: Petr Tiranov,