English Lexicology

Course code – Б.3.В.2.

Type of course – Compulsory

Level of course – Advanced

Year of study – 2

Semester/trimester – spring

Number of credits – 4

Name of lecturer – Elena Belyaeva, e-mail: alenabelyaeva@yahoo.co.uk

Objectives of the course

The course is intended to familiarize students with the fundamentals of the word theory and the way lexical system of the language functions to provide and support meaningful communication as well as with the main problems associated with English vocabulary. It will introduce students to the lexicological terminology and modern methods of investigation and enable them to impove their analytical skills through problem discovery and exercises for independent work.

Introduction to General Linguistics, practical Grammar of English, History of English, Theoretical Phonetics.
Course contents
Problems of up-to-date study of lexicological phemonena on a systemic basis: The Fundamentals of the Word Theory; The Theory of Meaning; Systemic Relations in the Vocabulary; Phraseology; Word Building; Borrowings; Collocability and Combinatory Semantics.
Recommended reading
  1. Arnold I.V. The English Word. Leningrad, 1986.
  2. Ginsburg R.S., Khidekel S.S., Knyazeva G.Y., Sankin F.F. A Course in Modern English Lexicology, 2 nd ed. Moscow, 1979.
  3. Antrushina G.B., Afanasyeva О.V., Morozova N.N. English Lexicology. – М., 1999.
  4. Ullman S. Semantics. An Introduction to the Science of Meaning. Л., 1975.
  5. Кунин А.В. Курс фразеологии современного английского языка. – М., 1996.
  6. Смирницкий Л.П. Лексикология английского языка. – М., 1996.
Teaching methods: lectures, seminars
Assessment methods
Participation in class discussions, written test and final exam.
Language of instruction – English