History of the English 

Course Code: Б3. В.1

Type of Course: Compulsory

Level of Course: Introductory

Year of Study: Second

Semester: Fall

Number of Credits: 3

Course Coordinators: 

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able

  • to explain the phonetic, orthographic, lexical and grammatical peculiarities of the Modern English language by its historical development
  • to read Old and Middle English texts and do their phonetic, morphological and etymological analysis


  • college-level fluency in English
  • knowledge of the basic linguistic terms and notions

Course Contents: The course features the development of the English language from the 5th century to the present day against the background of the social and cultural history of its speakers.

Teaching Method: The course is lecture- and seminar based.

Recommended Reading:

  1. B.A.Ilyish. History of the English Language. – L.: Prosveshchenie, 1973.
  2. T.A.Rastorguyeva. A History of English. – M.: Astrel Publ.House, 2001.
  3. I.P.Ivanova, T.M.Belayeva. A Reader in Early English. – L.: Prosveshchenie, 1980.