Design and Project Management 

Teacher: PhD, associate professor Alexander Krylov

Semester: 1

ECTS: 4, workshops 34 hours.

Final result: individual projects, suggested for funding.

Evaluation: «credited».

Goals and objectives:

Students should know types of projects, could design projects for different funds and be ready to manage real projects. Student should use Microsoft Project 2007 package for practical needs.

Brief content:

A project is a self-contained operation with the following components:

coherent set of activities, clearly defined operational objectives and target groups, planned, tangible results, limited timeframe, needs the allocation resources in addition to those currently within the organization.

Projects provide answers to the following questions:

How to solve a problem, How to meet a need, How to overcome a constraint, How to take advantage of an opportunity. Project proposal could be the «answer» to priorities for action identified in forthcoming Call for Proposal.

Analytical phase in the project development process includes Problem analysis, Objectives analysis, Strategy identification.

Planning phase in the project development process includes Logical framework development, Resource planning (budgeting), Activity planning.

Need to be achieved by the end of the project: This is directly related to the problems or needs, In achieving the specific objective you will ensure achievement of the overall objectives.

Budget should be realistic and cost-effective. Project and implementing partners can not make a profit. Budget should include all project costs, not just the programme’s contribution. Budget should be developed with input from all partners.

Project Logical Structure: A tool for project development & project management


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