Care services for elderly 
persons: cross cultural context

Course unit code: CSWB3-2

Type of course unit: optional

Level of course unit: advanced

Year: second

Semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered : autumn (August 2012, Summer school)

Credits: 3 ECTS

Name of lecturer(s): Ass.Prof. Elena Golubeva&Prof. Marjaanna Seppanen or Ass.Prof. Elena Golubeva

Learning outcomes of the course unit:

  1. manages the concept of quality of life and its sub arenas among older people, measure methods and tools
  2. knows the structure of care services for elderly people in Finland, EU countries, Russia and structure particularities in Barents region
  3. understands the meaning of cultural differences in organization of care services for the elderly people
  4. manages the quality issues of elderly services, sees connections between quality of life and quality care
  5. knows the role of gerontological social work as a part of services for elderly persons

Mode of delivery: face-to face

Prerequisites and co-requisites: no

Recommended optional programme components: no

Course contents:

The course gives to a student practical and scientific readiness to outline the meaning of services for improving the quality of life of older people. While organizing services are especially emphasized needs caused by national and cultural differences in different countries. Different professions connected with old people are studied especially by asking what their meaning in producing services is. Especially will be considered what are the tasks, values and methods of gerontological social work.

Required reading

1.Vaarama M., Pieper R.& Sixmith A.: Care-related quality of life (2008), chapters 4&14

2. Mollenkopf & Walker: Quality of life in old age. International and multidisciplinary perspective (2007)

3. Veenhoven R. The Four Qualities of Life / R.Veenhoven// Journal of Happiness Studies.- Springer.- 2000. - N3.- Vol. 1(1), P. 1-39.

4. Phillips: Care. Key Concepts (2007)

5. Phillips, Ray & Marshall: Social work with older people (2006)

Recommended reading

1. Social services for elderly.

2. National Framework for High-Quality Services for Older people (2008).

3.Stein, C., Moritz Н. WHO—Ageing: A Policy Framework.

4.Bogers R, Tijhuis M, van Gelder B, Kromhout D. Final report of the HALE Project, Healthy Ageing: a Longitudinal study in Europe.Report 260853003. Bilthoven, Netherlands:RIVM; 2005.

5.Sustainable social and health development in the Nordic countries

6. Walker & Hennessy: Growing Older. Quality of life in older age. Open University Press 2004.

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Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Introduction lectures (8 h), seminar (4 hours), individual and group work with comparative analysis of services of elderly people, conceptions of quality of life&care in old age, gerontological policy in Russia and EU and its particularities in Barents region

Assessment methods and criteria: short essays 3-4 pages, active seminar participation, grades A-F

Language of instruction: English

Work placement(s): no