Business English

Course code: Б.3.ДВ6

Type of course: Elective

Level of course: Intermediate

Year of study: III

Semester/trimester: spring

Number of credits: 2

Name of lecturer: Olga Beznaeva,

Objectives of the course: designed to introduce students to the means for the development of effective written and oral language use, the course will facilitate practical communicative skills required of efficient manager, emphasize the importance of electronic forms of communication, negotiating strategies and basic terms of economic theory.

Prerequisites: skills and knowledge gained from studying practical courses of English and theory of translation.

Course contents:

  • Corporate culture, legal forms of organization.
  • Employment, duty hours.
  • Problems on the phone.
  • Negotiating strategies.
  • Language of meetings, language of presentations.
  • Trade fairs.
  • Job interviews. Professional Curriculum Vitae.
  • Writing letters (offers, refusals, complaints, requests, apologies). E-mailing.

Recommended reading:

  1. Powell, Mark. In Company. Intermediate (2nd edition).
  2. Birgit Welch, Charles Lafond and Sheila Vine. Express Series: English for Negotiating.
  3. Marion Grussendorf. Express Series: English for Presentations.
  4. Littlejohn, A. Company to Company. A communicative approach to business correspondence in English / A. Littlejohn. – Cambridge University Press, 2000. – 126 p.

Teaching methods: two-hour weekly lectures. Student presentations (individually and/or in groups), written assignments. Conversational exercises, exercises in listening and reading.

Assessment methods: students are evaluated based on their language skills and knowledge of class topics. A number of in-class assignments will be carried out in order to strengthen the students' written and oral English, and these assignments will require some preparation at home. Final examination includes oral and written tasks.

Language of instruction: English.