American Studies

Course code: Б1. ДВ1.

Type of course: Compulsory

Level of course: Intermediate

Year of study: II

Semester: fall

Number of credits: 3

Course coordinator: Lyudmila Liginchenko

E-mail address:

Teaching language: English

Prerequisites: Intermediate level of English.

Learning outcome

In accordance with the University Course Syllabus of September 22, 2009, the students will:
  • obtain knowledge on various aspects of American culture
  • become familiar with current issues of contemporary American culture and society
  • be able to select and analyse texts searching for the necessary information
  • obtain experience in teamwork and group discussions
  • be able to develop a positive attitude to a foreign culture and people

Course contents:

The course will offer a general introduction to a number of topics on the United States of America:
  • American History
  • State System and Local Government
  • Geography and Economy
  • Religion (past and present)
  • Family Institution
  • Ethnic Diversity and Immigration Policies
  • American-Russian Relations (history)

Recommended readings:

  1. Tokareva N., Peppard V., WHAT IT IS LIKE IN THE USA? Moscow, 1998.
  2. Fiedler E., etc. AMERICA IN CLOSE-UP, Longman, 1996
  3. Stevenson D., AMERICAN LIFE AND INSTITUTIONS, Verlag, 1998
  4. Falk R., SPOTLIGHT ON THE USA, Oxford, 1993.
  5. An Outline of American History, USIA, 1994
  6. An Outline of American Geography, USIA, 1994
  7. Garwood Ch., etc. ASPECTS OF BRITAIN AND THE USA, Oxford, 1994.
  8. Burova I., GLIMPSES OF AMERICAN HISTORY, S.-Petersburg, 1997
  9. Golitsynsky Y., THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, S.-Petersburg, 1999
  10. Pavlotsky V., DISCOVERING AMERICA, S.-Petersburg, 1997

Teaching methods:

The course is based on lectures (18hours), seminars and teamwork (16 hours). As parts of the syllabus will be covered by lectures alone, attendance is mandatory.

Assessment methods:

The students are evaluated based on their attendance, their language skills, as well as their knowledge of the topics covered by the course. In order to be able to get the required credit, the students will have to complete all the class assignments (reports, presentations, written tests) in a satisfactory manner. The final exam will be held around mid-June.