The Voices of Twentieth 
Century Russia (1900 – 1920-s)

Work load: 10 ECTS (credits)

Type of the course: Theoretical subject. Compulsory.

Level of study/Year of study: Third year of Bachelor program

Language of instruction: English

Examination semester: Autumn, fifth semester

Objectives: The course is aimed to provide students with knowledge on a Russian/Soviet history from the beginning of the twentieth century to the period of Stalinism. Thematically the course suggests the studying two main streams within the Russian/Soviet history of 1900-1920-s:

PART I: The Birth of the Soviet Russia/USSR. 1900 – 1927.

PART II: "Russia Abroad": the history of the Russian emigration and the post-revolutionary Diaspora.

Exam and assessment:

The exam consists of two parts:

One course assignment of appr.5-6 pages submitted mid-term.

One 4 hour university-based written exam at the end of the term.

The results of the assignment and the exam are considered jointly and equally for the final grade: A-E=pass and F=fail.

Date(s) of written examination:

December 15, 2011. The exam date is preliminary and may be subject to change. The exact date will be announced in mid-October 2011.


Vladislav Goldin, Professor. E-mail:

Taiana Teterevleva, Ass. Professor. E-mail: