Higher education in Russia

Higher Education System in Russia

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To enter an institution of higher education in Russia, both Russian and international citizens are required to have a certificate of secondary education.

International applicants without prior knowledge of Russian can enter Foundation Programme provided by NArFU Preparatory Department for international students.

Academic Calendar
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Grading Scale

In Russia, 5-point grading scale is used:

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Two-stage grading system is also used in higher education (“pass” and “fail”).

Students are allowed to continue their education only if their grades are positive (5, 4, 3 and “pass”). Diplomas of higher education are also issued only if a student gets positive grades for his/her final exams.

Student’s Documents

The main documents a student has from the moment of enrollment to getting a diploma are:

  • Student ID is given to every first-year student in the beginning of September. Students must renew their IDs at their institutes every year;
  • Record Book contains student’s credits, exam grades, course paper grades, and internships. Before every semester’s finals period students must get a stamp that they are eligible to take exams;
  • Dorm pass is given to every student who lives in a dormitory;
  • Library Card allows students to visit the library and to use its services.