History and Culture of 
the Circumpolar World: comparative research

This degree program is designed for those who plan to combine teaching History with a professional career in History research with Arctic focus. The program enables students to benefit from the extensive northern expertise and research activities of Northern (Arctic) Federal University, the University library and Arkhangelsk archive and museum collections, and easy access to northern Russian culture and traditions.

Code, Degree — 46.04.01 History





Master’s Degree Program

Application Deadline


Credits Program


Duration 2 years

4 semesters — 30 ECTS each semester (60 ECTS — courses, 60 ECTS — Research and Practice)

Program Description

The program is aimed at overcoming the national hegemonies in the High North region interpretation. The strong focus on the competition between northern states in claiming sovereignty over resources and areas in the Arctic resulted in the diverse practices of the northern societies histories, cultures and identity interpretation. The multicultural and postcolonial challenges of the globalizing world force us to develop the transnational perspective on the northern societies studies.

Department in World history is responsible for this MA Program has high quality research and teaching staff, long experience of International Students teaching and all necessary equipment and facilities.

Module «Comparative research of circumpolar countries: history and contemporary time»

Compulsory disciplines:

  • Circumpolar structures.
  • Indigenous people of circumpolar region.
  • Workshop for researcher of Northern countries.
  • History of culture in the Circumpolar region

Elective disciplines:

  • Historical geography of circumpolar world
  • Intercultural communication in the North.
  • Arctic exploration: history and present time
  • History of shipbuilding and sailing in the Arctic

Module «International cooperation and rivalry in the Arctic: history and contemporary time»

Compulsory disciplines:

  • Modern and Contemporary History of Scandinavian Countries
  • Acute research problems on history of circumpolar world 

History and acute problems of international cooperation and rivalry in the Arctic

Elective disciplines:

  • Regional studies in Northern Europe policy
  • Russian America and international relations in Pacific — Arctic region in XVIII — XIX cent-s
  • Arctic strategies and security problems 
  • Russian and Northern Europe: problems of mutual perception

Module «EU and Russia in the Arctic: History of Political and Cultural Interaction»

Elective disciplines:

  • «Russia and the European Union: problems and prospects of cooperation»
  • «Migration and migration policy of EU in the Arctic»
  • «Cross-border contacts, Mobility and European Identity»
  • «Northern Dimension of EU-Russian Cultural Interaction: heritage, art and identity»


Master’s Diploma by Northern (Arctic) Federal University

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in History/Humanities, Social and Political Sciences or equivalent
  • English proficiency (B2)

Application Deadline 10 July

Online Application http://www.narfu.ru/en/application/


Master program graduates can find a career in various cultural, social, educational and research fields. The program is tailored to produce best results in the following positions:

  • Teachers at Universities and schools
  • Researchers in the field of world history, history of international relations
  • Researchers and guides in museums, archives
  • Experts in analytical centers, consulates, regional authorities
  • Journalists

Exchange Possibilities

A semester abroad under NArFU exchange programs

More information about the program please find here