Environmental Risks Management in 
the Arctic (ERMA)

STUDY FIELD: Ecology and Environmental Management

CODE: 05.04.06

The Arctic preservation and global environmental issues have become high on the agenda. Demand has grown for professionals with deep expertise in understanding and evaluating risks of the Arctic development, able to employ scientific and practical methods of managing environmental risks.

This MSc programme provides graduates with a deep understanding of the principal tools, techniques and management concepts to respond to environmental risks and make decisions on a local and national level.


SEPT 2019



Master’s Degree Program

Course starts



DURATION 2 years


1 semester

Module A: Basic Module (5 ECTS)

  • Philosophical problems in natural science;
  • Foreign language.

Module B: Mathematical and instrumental methods in ecology and environmental management (15 ECTS)

  • Computer technologies and statistical methods in ecology and environmental management;
  • Three-dimensional data analysis;
  • Optimization methods in environmental management / Mathematical modeling of ecosystems;
  • Scientific research practice.

Module C: Environmental Law (10 ECTS)

  • Environmental law system ;
  • Environmental law of the Russian Federation;
  • International environmental law;
  • Environmental law and Indigenous Peoples law / Traditional knowledge of Indigenous People in the sphere of environmental protection.

2 semester

Module D: Environmental monitoring (15 ECTS)

  • Priority pollutants of the Arctic territories;
  • Environmental pollution assessment;
  • Environmental risks in the Arctic Region / Contemporary phisico-chemical methods of environmental risk reduction;
  • Scientific research practice.

Module E: Environmental management and nature protection (15 ECTS)

  • Environmental management system;
  • Enterprise environmental management system;
  • Managerial decisions in the sphere of environmental security or Sustainable development of the Russian industry;
  • Scientific research practice.

3 semester

Module F1: Risk Management (15 ECTS)

  • Risk management;
  • Environmental risk management;
  • Scientific research practice.

Module G1: Clean production technologies (15 ECTS)

  • Standards in the sphere of environmental management and ecological certification;
  • Environmental management of clean production in the Arctic
  • Scientific research practice.

Module F2: International emergency preparedness and environmental protection in the High North (10 ECTS) — UiT

Module G2: Safety and risk analysis (10 ECTS) — UiT

Module H: Academic writing (10 ECTS) — UiT

4 semester

Science research includes work on and defense of Master’s thesis — 30 ECTS

The program provides an opportunity for exchange studies at UiT — the Arctic University of Norway in the 3rd semester with pre-approved courses:

  • Module F2: International emergency preparedness and environmental protection in the High North (10 ECTS)
  • Module G2: Safety and risk analysis (10 ECTS)
  • Module H: Academic writing (10 ECTS)

Students will also benefit from interdisciplinary approach in environmental risks management having access to NArFU Arctic research centres and high-performance computing laboratories.


  • Master’s Diploma by Northern (Arctic) Federal University
  • European Diploma Supplement


  • Relevant Bachelor’s Degree or Specialist Diploma
  • English proficiency (B2)


The MSc ERMA programme is designed to provide a qualification that will improve your career prospects, whether you plan to progress into academic research or whether you wish to embark on a career in the business sector or with a governmental or a non-governmental body where knowledge, competencies and skills of natural resources utilization and environmental research will be important.


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