Pomor Institute of Indigenous 
Peoples and Minorities

NArFU, Lomonosov Street 2, room 201
Phone: +79600107800

Indigenous Peoples Indigenous Peoples Коренные народы Севера Коренные народы Севера Indigenous Peoples

Established in November 2011, the Center carries out fundamental inter-disciplinary and applied research into the preservation and sustainable development of indigenous communities in the north of Russia and Russian part of the Arctic. This REC is posed to an important task to render academic, methodological and scientific-practical assistance to public governance bodies, profit-making entities and NGOs of indigenous minorities of the North (IMN) in their effort to streamline the IMN’s practices of resource management that rely on the traditional way of life and to facilitate the IMN’s ethno-social development.

The scope of activity covers

  • multifaceted study of traditional way of life;
  • cultures;
  • traditional industries of indigenous peoples in the European northern that are listed in the RF Register of Indigenous Minorities.

For the first time in the history of academic research in Arkhangelsk Region, the object of the studies are the ethnic communities residing in the Russian north that are not listed in the RF Register of Indigenous Minorities.

In April 2012, the Center launched the “Pomor Expedition-2012” to study the contemporary Pomor culture – a project jointly implemented by the NArFU and Arkhangelsk Regional NGO “Pomor Expedition” on the White Sea coast.

Updated 25.12.2012