Nanostructures in Science of 
Construction Materials

Established in March 2010, the Center is tasked with enhancing the efficiency of academic and research activities within constructional material engineering.

The complex of its laboratories (soil mechanics, ground science, constructional material engineering) is equipped with the cutting-edge testing facilities to test constructional materials, structures, grounds according to GOST standards.

The research laboratory of composite constructional materials is too equipped with up to the minute facilities.

New nanotechnology-based materials are studied and created of the basis of the “Physicochemistry of Nano-Disperse System Surface” platform, which is a complex of complementary sci-tech facilities to study physical and mechanical properties and surface phenomena occurring at phase boundaries of micro- and nano-disperse systems.

The Center has ambitious fundraising goals (over RUR 13 mln raised for research purposes in 2011). The outcomes of the research work carried out by the Center’s employees find coverage in leading scientific publications. 2 applications for invention have been filed with Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks.

Updated 25.12.2012