Mathematical Modelling, High-Performance Computing 
and Informatization of Education

The Center was established in January 2012 to stimulate fulfillment by the academic personnel and students of their intellectual potential; to optimize the use of material and technical resources in research; to assist innovative development within the “High-performance and distributed computing, mathematical modeling, informatization and intensification of mathematics education”; as well as to encourage, through enhanced research environment, young people to pursue science and to expand creative teams’ interaction with internal and outside customers and partners.

REC’s core tasks

  • Implementation independently or jointly with partnering institutions of research projects in line with the REC’s profile and targeting to meet the university’s and the region’s needs;
  • Assisting the process of applying in education and production of the innovations developed independently or in partnerships as a result of projects in line with the REC’s profile and meeting the region’s needs;
  • Encouraging talented young people to pursue mathematics and computer sciences and carry out research work;
  • Monitoring of the needs of the university’s divisions, of the region’s academic and research community’s needs in R&D activities relating to the REC’s profile;
  • Assisting the process of training the university’s highly qualified staff and stimulating their research endeavours in line with the REC’s profile and licensed PhD specialties.

This REC comprises the following10 laboratories:

  • Spectral analysis of differential and difference operators laboratory
  • Mobile robotics and management microprocessor systems laboratory
  • Information security laboratory
  • Measurement systems and signal digital processing laboratory
  • Complex systems mathematical modeling laboratory
  • Laboratory assisting “Methods and Information Technologies in Education (MITE)” project
  • Distributed and high-performance computing technologies laboratory
  • Computational physics laboratory
  • Multimedia technologies and info systems laboratory
  • Informatization of education laboratory
Updated 25.12.2012