Lomonosov Institute

Established in 2010, this Center’s core area of focus include the Lomonosov studies as a fundamental research area, as well as cultural, educational and informational outreach in Euro-Arctic Region. The Lomonosov Institute is Russia’s only dedicated Center for study of life, creative activity and scientific endeavours of Mikhail Lomonosov.

The Center is developing e-database of studies into life and work of M.V. Lomonosov, maintaining “Lomonosov Station” based in Lomonosovo village and international cooperation in the field of Lomonosov studies and regional ethnography of circumpolar countries, preparing the miscellanies of the scholar’s works; systematizing archived data covering the life and work of M.V. Lomonosov and developing the Lomonsovo Studies programmes and methodology. Prepared by the Center’s employees, another volume of Pomor Encyclopedia titled “Culture” is coming out soon.

The Lomonosov Institute provided tangible support to organizers of the jubilee events in honour of M.V Lomonosov’s 300th anniversary in Arkhangelsk Region.

The laboratories comprised by the Center specialize in Lomonosov studies; organizational, methodological and educational activities. The e-laboratory is currently creating virtual museum and e-library.

Among the Institute’s partners are Arkhangelsk Region Ministry of Education, Science and Culture; Arkhangelsk Region State Archives; Arkhangelsk Region Advanced Training and Retraining institute; REC “Lomonosov House”; RAS Arkhangelsk Research Center Board; Institute of Ecological Problems of the North; Institute of Physiology of Natural Adaptation (RAS Ural Branch); Lomonosov Inter-Regional Public Fund; Cultural and Educational Society “Nord”; Kholmogory Community.

Updated 25.12.2012