Information Processing Center

An important part of University’s activities concerns IT-technologies. The newly opened Information Processing Center helps computerize educational, scientific and management processes and facilitate implementation of Arkhangelsk Region's most important tasks.

The equipment for the education and research in such areas as electrical engineering, electronics, circuit engineering and space technologies has been streamlined by introduction of hi-tech equipment manufactured by National Instruments. The University is currently creating education and production complex for rock, formation fluids, oil and oil products.

The electrical engineering and measurement, research and educational laboratories, where students take their training, comprise the Center for electric circuits testing and measurement, semiconducting appliances and related equipment. This is the place where students obtain basic knowledge and research skills to be further improved in a specialized laboratory of electronic components and microchips. This competence area is especially interesting for students majoring in Information Systems and Technologies; Computer-Aided Design Systems; Automated Processes and Productions; Robotics.

The University's R&D activities are implemented jointly with Russian Academy of Sciences. NArFU has established close relations with the Institute of Environmental Challenges on the North (RAS Ural Branch). A number of agreements has been signed with RAS Presidium and branches in Karelia and Kola.

The University has partnership relations with a number of specialized institutes that also deal with challenges of the Arctic region: Institute of Safe Development of Atomic Energy, Institute of Geology and RAS Institute of Geography.

Updated 17.04.2012