Ethnic and Cultural Studies 
and Humanitarian Geography of the Arctic

The activity of the Center is prescribed by “Principles of the RF State Policy in the Arctic 2020” approved by President of the Russian Federation in 2008. Among priorities is the academic support of social and cultural development of circumpolar ethnic communities in Russia. The Center’s tasks include research work, innovative development and training of the academic and pedagogical personnel in ethnic and cultural studies and humanitarian geography of the Barents Euro-arctic countries and populations.

The Center’s core line of activity focuses on projects implemented under Federal Target Program “Academic and Pedagogical Personnel of Innovative Russia” and supported by the grants allocated by Russian Humanities Research Foundation and Russian Fundamental Research Foundation, which, in turn, focus on the study of the processes and mechanisms of shaping and modeling of geo-ethnocultural and geo-ethnophilosophical images of the Arctic and sub-Arctic areas. The research program resulted in new academic findings within ethno-semiotics, -sociology and -psychology of Arctic indigenous communities, sacral geography of Pomor land, as well as in description of the roe of geocultural images of northern areas in tourist and media discourses and texts of ethnic subcultures.

The performance of the Center has both theoretical and practical values. It assists the public bodies in developing the latter’s action plan of social and cultural development in the northern and the Arctic areas.

The Center is also doing inter-disciplinary research into symbolic representation of the northern areas’ dimension and geosophic methodology that target the interpretation of the geo-ethnocultural and geo-ethnophilosophical images and symbols that manifest religious, cultural, ethnic, regional and local identities in the European north.

The research program is participated by philosophers, ethnographers, experts in cultural studies, philologists, historians, geographers and geoecologists. The performance of the Center is highly reviewed by the experts and has gained wide recognition among the academic community of Russia and BEAR countries.

Updated 25.12.2012