Energy Resources Concervation

Established in 2009, the Center focuses on raising the efficiency of academic endeavours within energy and resource conservation.

Over the period of operation, the Center’s employees have been fulfilling the research assignments from the companies in Arkhangelsk Region. These assignments can be classified into two areas:

  • multifaceted survey of efficiency of heat-generating facilities working on different fuels to evaluate their technical and environment-friendly performance and to provide energy and recourse saving recommendations;
  • studying performance of solid fuels.

The Center is also doing a comprehensive survey of the boilers working on different fuels.

In its research work the Center partners

  • Herz Energietechnik GmbH, Austrian bioenergy facilities manufacturer;
  • POLYTECHNIK Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH, Austrian leader in biofueled energy facilities production;
  • Norsk Energi, Norwerian company that deals in biofuel conversion technologies.

In 2010, the Center established its bioenergy laboratory and in 2011 – the full-fledged pellet production line and the instrumentation pool to study properties of granular biofuel.

The Center is very active with fundraising (2011 research budget totaling over RUR 4 mln).
Updated 25.12.2012