Chemistry of Natural Compounds

The Center was founded by NArFU jointly with the Institute of Ecological problems of the North (RAS Ural Branch) and Institute of Physiology of Natural Adaptation (RAS Ural Branch) as a research and education complex to pool together the efforts and resources of the university and research organizations in training and re-training of specialties in the priority areas of science and technology when doing research work.

With core focus on the fundamental and applied research in chemistry and chemical technology of raw plant material, the Center’s implementing research into

  • physical chemistry of plant biopolymers;
  • structure and physical-chemical properties of plant polymers and congenial low-molecular compounds;
  • development of basis technology of raw plant material processing;
  • analytical chemistry of natural compounds.

The research work is supported by sophisticated equipment – fast-speed scanning spectrofluorometer Cary Eclipse (Varian, USA); new-generation high precision dual-beam UV-VIS spectophotometer (Analytik Jena AG, Germany); UV-VIS spectophotometer Cary 100 (Varian, USA); infrared Fourier-spectrometers IRPrestige 21 (Shimadzu, Japan), infrared spectrophotometer Specord (Carl Zeiss Jena, Germany), ion meters, refractometer, common lab facilities, computer hardware, etc.

The Center is very active with fundraising (2011 research budget totaling over RUR 20 mln).

Updated 25.12.2012