Research institutes

Biomedical Research Institute

Established in 2011, the Institute is a successor to the Institute of Child Development at M.V. Lomonosov Pomor State University. In addition to contributing to the university’s core area “Developed medical care and public health in the north (polar medicine)”, the Institute is developing its own research “Human health and adaptation in the North”.

Biomedical Research Institute’s activities focus on

  • obtaining new knowledge in medical-biological sector necessary to foster growth in the Arctic Region;
  • coordination of medical-biological research in education;
  • development and application in education of health-saving technologies and preventive measures;
  • training and appraisal of academic and pedagogical personnel;
  • development of competitive biomedical technologies and innovations;
  • application of the newly gained scientific knowledge in health service sector;
  • rendering, with the use of high-tech medical-biological equipment, diagnostic counseling and correction-rehabilitation services to the public.

The Institute has established SUEC ArktikMed. Currently being replenished with unique research facilities, this Center enables multi-faceted medical-biological survey – both in field conditions and environment simulation lab – of various body systems and their functions.

ArktikMed comprises 12 research laboratories specializing in climatophysiology, ergospirometry, neuroenergometry and thermography, neuromiography, echography, clinical genetics, neurophysiology and higher nervous activity, applied psychophysiology, cognitive activity, physiological-hygienic aspects of education, bioelementology.

Another Center established at the Institute is Child Development Competency Center “Sodeystviye” that renders counseling service to the public on the issues of child development and upbringing. Its employees – psychologists, medical men, pedagogues and biologists – annually render up to 5 thousand specialist consultations and provide individual tutoring and small-group classes for challenged children; regional and international workshops and round tables for Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk Region schools’ employees.

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Wood Chemistry and Technology Research Institute

Wood Chemistry and Technology Research Institute was established in 1994 as a result of the restructuring of Arkhangelsk Forestry Engineering Institute’s fundamental research laboratory of chemical processing of wood and pulp-and-paper and hydrolysis wastes disposal, which was created and run from 1958 to 1994 by doctor of chemistry, professor Boris Dmitrievich Bogomolov.

The Institute focuses its research on developing scientifically-based and eco-friendly technologies of comprehensive chemical processing of vegetal resources. The research involves the experimental studies of thermodynamic, reactionary and macromolecular properties of nanostructures in naturally occurring and industrial lignin solutions; of redox transformation of wood components in various environments; of ligning behaviour in ionic liquids.

The number of the fundamental and applied research works carried out by the Institute during the period of its existence ranks it among the top RF research Centers specializing in chemistry and chemical technology of wood. The research outcomes are published in 4 text books, 12 study guides and 6 monographs, the scientific publications numbering more than 1500. The number of inventor’s certificates and patents secured on inventions number 130. Many of the inventions were frequent exhibitors at the USSR VDNKh expo and won 4 silver and 3 bronze medals.

The Institute’s dedicated laboratory building houses unique organic synthesis devices and facilities enabling chemical and physic-chemical research.

The Institute’s research endeavours are coordinated by the RF Ministry of Education and Science’s programmes and have landed many grants of the Russian Fund of Fundamental Studies.

Updated 03.06.2013