Ongoing projects

The NArFU employees are working on the following projects within the federal dedicated programs:

  1. "Study and development of methods to enhance technology for wood granulated fuel as a renewable source of energy"
  2. "Physical and chemical properties and solvation of lignin substances in non-aqueous and mixed solvents"
  3. "R&D by SUEC Arktika within chemical monitoring of toxic components from missile fuel in natural environment”
  4. "Chemical modifications of lignocellulosic materials in supercritical fluids”
  5. "Modifications of soil nonocomposites and construction materials for operation in the conditions of the Arctic region”
  6. “Development of methods to enhance the physical properties of wooden construction materials through modification of their surface with the use of mineral nano-disperse fillers”
  7. "Formation of artificial soils and grounds from solid industrial wastes mixture”
  8. “Basic tools to enhance investment appeal of the northern Arctic region of Russia”
  9. "Geo-ethnocultural and geo-ethnophilosophical images of the Arctic territory”
  10. “Study of spectral properties of differential operators on periodic graphs”
  11. Development of scientific foundation for structural concrete composites design using nano-disperse systems of various genesis for operation in severe climate
  12. Study of processes involving exotic atoms and their components in storage items and traps using intensive EMFs
  13. Study of mechanisms for keeping postural balance by elderly and old people
  14. Effect of structural properties of polymer matrix on the flow dynamics in cation-exchange membranes
  15. Methodological principles for evaluation of energy value of raw materials in production of constructional nano-composites
  16. Integrated R&D by SUEC Arktika in the field of ecoanalytical chemistry and development of hydrazine sorbents
  17. The Arctic region in the system of international cooperation and competition in the XIX-XXth centuries", coordinated by prof. Andrey V. Repnevskiy, Director of the Institute of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences, DSc (History)
  18. Regular patterns in formation of communities, ecology and genetics of populations in extreme climatic conditions of the eco-systems in the western sector of the Russian Arctic. Project coordinator Boris Yu. Fillipov, DSc (Biology), Head of Zoology and Ecology Department.

In-house competition for the best research and innovation projects

In 2011, for the first time ever the University arranged an internal competition for the best R&D and innovation projects within priority development areas. The competition targeted enhanced efficiency of research activities and capacity building. The competition-based system for supporting R&D and innovation projects made it possible to identify and encourage the most promising and ambitious R&D ideas.

The categories of the competition were three:

  • R&D and innovation projects by NArFU teachers and employees within priority development areas;
  • R&D and innovation projects by students and young researchers within priority development areas;
  • Application of practical results of R&D at the region’s industrial enterprises;

All the winning projects within these categories focused on the following University’s priority areas:

  • hi-tech industries and production;
  • infrastructural development in the European North of Russia and the Arctic;
  • multifaceted use of bio-resources;
  • development of northern (polar) medicine and health care;
  • environmental protection;
  • social and humanities domain in the European North of Russia and the Arctic.

NArFU grant applicants were 90. As a result, the University provided financial support to 26 projects of its employees, teachers, students and young researchers, with total budget of more than RUR 4 mln.

Updated 22.05.2013