Complex Safety (emergency response, natural hazards, social security)

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Complex Safety (emergency response, natural hazards, social security)

  • Topical aspects of North population quality of life within the context of social work
  • Dynamics of historical and social processes in the North
  • Social security of health and healthcare
  • Social status of family at the modern stage
  • Social work with the youth

Raisa Danilova, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor


Department of social work and social security

Institute of Complex Safety

  • Environmental and geographical aspects of oil and gas extraction in the Nenets Autonomous Area

Yulia Shumilova, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86


Department of geography and hydrometeorology

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Modeling oil spills in the South-Eastern part of the Barents Sea using OSCAR computer model
  • Assessing environmental risks when exploiting oil and gas deposits
  • Additionally to this the patents obtained for industrial introduction of technologies:
  • Developing ways to utilize oil-based wastes when constructing oil and gas objects
  • Proposing measures to protect topsoil in tundra and rehabilitate disturbed lands

Marsel Gubaidullin, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Geology

Tel.: 8 8182 21 89 44

Fax: 8 8182 28 63 44


Department of oil and gas transportation, storage and equipment

Institute of Oil and Gas

  • Conceptual grounds of providing personal security within the educational space of Euro-Arctic Region

Tatyana Butorina, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor


Department of pedagogy

Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

  • Studying confidential information protection

Vadim Smolkin, Head of Department


Department of Informational Systems and Technologies

Institute of Shipbuilding and Arctic Marine Engineering (Severodvinsk)