Complex Safety (emergency response, 
natural hazards, social security)

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Complex Safety (emergency response, natural hazards, social security)

  • Topical aspects of North population quality of life within the context of social work
  • Dynamics of historical and social processes in the North
  • Social security of health and healthcare
  • Social status of family at the modern stage
  • Social work with the youth

Raisa Danilova, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor


Department of social work and social security

Institute of Complex Safety

  • Environmental and geographical aspects of oil and gas extraction in the Nenets Autonomous Area

Yulia Shumilova, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86


Department of geography and hydrometeorology

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Modeling oil spills in the South-Eastern part of the Barents Sea using OSCAR computer model
  • Assessing environmental risks when exploiting oil and gas deposits
  • Additionally to this the patents obtained for industrial introduction of technologies:
  • Developing ways to utilize oil-based wastes when constructing oil and gas objects
  • Proposing measures to protect topsoil in tundra and rehabilitate disturbed lands

Marsel Gubaidullin, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Geology

Tel.: 8 8182 21 89 44

Fax: 8 8182 28 63 44


Department of oil and gas transportation, storage and equipment

Institute of Oil and Gas

  • Conceptual grounds of providing personal security within the educational space of Euro-Arctic Region

Tatyana Butorina, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor


Department of pedagogy

Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

  • Studying confidential information protection

Vadim Smolkin, Head of Department


Department of Informational Systems and Technologies

Institute of Shipbuilding and Arctic Marine Engineering (Severodvinsk)


Svetlana Popkova     
Head of International Projects Unit
Mob.: +7 921 473 37 95


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